An amazing journey…

April 15, 2014    

Today, after many months of hard work, we have announced the next game in our OneBigGame charity line-up: SXPD: The Rookie, releasing this spring on iPad devices everywhere.

The game is the result of an amazing creative collaboration between Dutch game development studio Little Chicken, comic book artist and writer Duke Mighten and last but not least, famous game designer David Perry.

Many years ago, when we started our charity initiative, Perry was one of the first we approached to contribute some of his time pro bono to design and direct a game for OneBigGame. High on our wish list because of his amazing portfolio of games, we expected his idea to be unique and he definitely didn’t disappoint. His game idea for OneBigGame was to be a tribute to his favorite 8-bit game of all time, an insanely fast racing game on the ZX Spectrum called 3D Deathchase. 

Little Chicken Game Company jumped on board quickly after, kindly offering their help to develop the game and work together with David. One of their first prototypes, using a comic book art style, triggered another idea. With the game being destined for tablet and with those devices being fantastic digital comic book reading devices, next to gaming devices, the idea was born to tell the story of the game in comic book and have these transition seamlessly into the game’s action sequences: cue the world’s first true comic book game hybrid.

To help develop this concept famous comic book artist and writer Duke Mighten was approached. His amazing art and the worlds he created were used as the basis for the setting for the game and the game quickly started taking shape. Many months of pro bono blood sweat and tears followed, culminating in a unique product that’s about to be launched globally!

Like with all OneBigGame projects, it’s been an amazing journey of collaboration, creativity and charity all coming together in one unique project. As always, it’s been an honour to be involved with the contributing parties, as well as companies such as Vals Plat, Global Step, FortySeven, LincolnBeasley and Buff PR all rendering their services pro bono to help build and launch the product. Next to that, many individual volunteers have helped in realizing the SXPD dream.

We’re proud of what’s been achieved and we can’t wait to have you play the game, so that we can realize our goals of making the world a better place!

The OneBigGame team




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